Jeanne Therapy

PREmier in-home Therapeutic massage care

My goal is to help you feel better so you can live your best life. I specialize in therapeutic massage for clients who are pregnant, injured, living with chronic inflammation, or surviving cancer. I am a licensed massage therapist in CT, NY, and RI with three decades of experience helping clients embody feeling good.

Deep Tissue Massage 

Too much pressure can perpetuate a pain cycle. Too little pressure can leave us feeling that we didn’t get what we needed. The right amount of pressure initiates a shift without causing the body to contract. On a scale of one to ten, let’s call that a seven.

We will zero in on a pressure level together that is both highly effective and allows your body to relax.

Prenatal Massage

During pregnancy, massage can effectively relieve the very real challenges of expecting mom’s including:

  • back pain
  •  joint strain
  • swelling/edema (see lymphatic massage)
  • mood swings
  • postpartum healing

I use the BodyCushion to support your changing body as your pregnancy progresses. You will receive a comfortable, safe and effective prenatal massage in various positions as your baby grows.

I have decades of experience supporting mothers with prenatal and postnatal massage. Being a part of their pregnancy journey is a joy and an honor.

Lymphatic Massage  

Manual lymph drainage massage helps your body absorb swelling, reduce pain, and maintain optimal fluid balance. During Lymphatic Massage, gentle slow circular strokes direct excess fluid in the direction of lymphatic flow.
Picture tree roots after a rainstorm; Lymphatic massage moves lymph fluid through the lymph system from the smallest ducts towards the largest vessels to be returned to the circulatory system.

Because the lymph system is passive and has no pump, it really helps to encourage the lymph flow after a trauma like surgery, injury, or even an intense workout. Manual Lymph Drainage can also help with chronic pain, PTSD, or fibromyalgia.

for my dad

Close to the end of my father’s 30 years as a prostate cancer survivor, his experience inspired me to learn specific skills for caring for clients with a cancer history, safely and effectively. Dad taught me the possibility of choosing to live life full-on even when the going gets tough.

Oncology MassagE

Don’t worry! Massage does not spread cancer. In fact, it is wonderfully supportive!

Whether you are being treated for cancer now or your cancer is in remission, an Oncology Massage Therapist is trained to consider your current symptoms and your cancer health history. Your session will be adjusted accordingly. Pressure, depth or direction of flow may be modified. This will ensure that your massage session will be safe, effective, and beneficial.

*Certified Manual Lymph Drainage Therapist (CMLDT) Vodder method.

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