In 1987, while teaching in Japan, I found a massage specialist who banished my back pain and improved my posture. He encouraged me to follow through on my curiosity and pursue a career in bodywork when I got back to the States. At the time, choosing a bodywork career was a road less traveled, but I took the plunge and enrolled in a small and innovative curriculum in Cambridge, MA. Three-years and 1000 hour hours later, my curiosity had launched a lifelong passion for learning, living, and sharing keys to health and well-being.

Decades later, I still work with many of the same people who first found my solo practice in Westport, Connecticut. Over the years, my clients have experienced pregnancy, loss, cancer, injury, and surgery. Consistent massages have proven to be a great support during the inevitable ups and downs of life.

Close to the end of my father’s 30 years as a prostate cancer survivor, his experience inspired me to learn specific skills for caring for clients with a cancer history, safely and effectively. Dad taught me the possibility of choosing to live life full-on even when the going gets tough.

When I am not busy helping my clients feel better, I love to spend my time walking in nature, listening to podcasts, eating plants, catching for a good night’s sleep and playing ball with my dog, Aslan.